1. General Clause

1.1 Our sales are governed by these General Terms and Conditions, which apply to all terms and conditions of purchase of the purchaser, unless otherwise provided in writing by us.

1.2 The placing of an order implies the full acceptance of the buyer in these general conditions.

2. Orders

Orders are taken into account only on receipt of a document duly and legibly signed and bearing a commercial stamp, for acceptance, transmitted by mail, fax or mail, accompanied by the payment of a deposit, unless we give a written waiver.

3. Rates

Our prices are without obligation, invoicing being established at the prices and conditions in force on the day of the order confirmation. Our posted prices do not include shipping costs. These will be specified to the customer when placing an order. For any shipment outside the metropolis, the shipping costs will be the subject of a quotation.

4. Produits

Nos offres de produits restent valables aussi longtemps qu’elles figurent sur notre site internet, dans la limite des stocks disponibles. Dans le cas où un ou plusieurs produits ne seraient pas disponibles, un remboursement du prix effectivement payé aura lieu dans un délai de 30 jours, sans donner lieu à quelque dédommagement que ce soit. Abriexpress se réserve la possibilité de retirer ou modifier tout matériel figurant dans son catalogue, à tout moment et sans préavis.

5. Delivery

5.1 Delivery dates are for information only. No cancellation or compensation may be claimed for late delivery. However, the purchaser may request the cancellation of his order and the refund of the instalments paid if the equipment cannot be delivered within three months of the validation of the order.

5.2 At the time of delivery, the customer must verify the number and quality (colour, size, etc.) of the delivered products and ensure that they correspond to those ordered.

5.3 En cas d’avarie ou de manque constatés à la livraison, il incombe au destinataire d’en faire mention précise sur le bon de transport et d’exercer tout recours contre le transporteur, par lettre recommandée avec accusé de réception, dans les 3 jours, à peine de forclusion, conformément aux articles 105 et 106 du code de Commerce.

5.4 Les réclamations éventuelles devront nous être adressées par écrit dans les huit jours suivant la réception de la marchandise, et avant son utilisation.

5.5 En cas de retour de marchandise, celui-ci se fera, après notre accord, aux frais et risques de l’acquéreur. Le retour d’un produit ne donnera lieu qu’à échange ou établissement d’un avoir.

6. Withdrawal periods

6.1 The withdrawal period applies only in cases where products have been ordered remotely, and only for orders of standard products. Orders for specific products such as custom products are not covered by this provision.

6.2 In case of exercise of the right of withdrawal, the customer shall return the material at his expense. A refund shall be made within 30 days of the exercise of that right.

However, any returned material that is incomplete, damaged, soiled, or modified, even slightly, will not be accepted and will therefore not be refunded.

7. Payment

7.1 Terms and Conditions

In the absence of different details defined on the quotation or the order confirmation, payments will be made under the following conditions:

  • 30% deposit on order, allowing the start of production.
  • The balance on delivery, in cash, net and without discount.

7.2 Delay or Default

Failure to pay an invoice when it is due will automatically and without prior notice:

  • Suspension of all orders in progress.
  • The immediate liability of all sums due to us, whether due or due, in any capacity whatsoever.
  • The application of a flat-rate allowance of EUR 40 for recovery costs.
  • The application of late interest from a legal amount to one and a half times the legal rate,

The acquisition of the equipment, at the expense of the purchaser; acquisition which does not deprive the company Abriexpress of the right to continue the forced execution of the contract, particularly in the case of a specific order.

In the event of a instalment payment, non-payment of only one of the maturities will result in the immediate payment of the entire debt, without notice.

After the notice was not received after 48 hours, Abriexpress will start a litigation procedure, all costs remaining at the expense of the purchaser.

8. Warranty

We guarantee our equipment for two years from the date of delivery.

No warranty may be given for uses other than those expressly stated in these Terms, Site or other commercial documents issued by our company.

It does not apply in the case of normal wear, neglect, maintenance failure, malfunction due to misuse, any intervention on the equipment (inappropriate use of product, client-initiated intervention resulting in product modification, even minor). We draw the attention of our clients to the following points:

  • Our equipment is only for temporary use, not for permanent installation.
  • The installation must not take place in case of severe weather (wind above 60 km/hour, heavy snowfall or rain).
  • They must be kept away from any source of heat or flame, flammable products or other hazardous products.
  • Before being stored, all material must be perfectly dry. The storage place must allow the material to remain dry.

The guarantee, when exercised, will give rise to a repair or exchange, if necessary. The cost of parts and labour will be borne by the company, while the cost of transporting the material to our workshops will be borne by the customer.

The taking over of the guarantee shall not have the effect of extending the warranty period.

9. Liability

9.1 Abriexpress is responsible for the sale and delivery of the equipment. It is not involved in any way in the installation operations and cannot therefore be held responsible for the consequences of these operations, both in terms of civil liability and in terms of damage to equipment.

9.2 The risks of the goods pass to the buyer as soon as he takes possession of them. The goods, even sold free of port, travel at the risk of the consignee.

10. Reservation of Ownership

Abriexpress retains ownership of the goods sold until the actual and full payment of the price, in principal and accessories. However, the risk of loss and deterioration of the goods sold and the damage they could cause are transferred to the purchaser upon delivery.

11. Territorial jurisdiction clause

Any dispute, even in the case of a guarantee or of multiple defendants, will be the exclusive jurisdiction of the Commercial Court of Beaune (Côte d'Or).

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