How does it work?

Our availability

We have a stock of tents dedicated to renting, which allows us to meet most of the demands. Find your tent among the 4 models available for rent:

  • 2,00×3,00 m – 1-person mounting
  • 3,00×3,00 m – 1-person mounting
  • 3,00×4,00 m – 2-person mounting
  • 3,00×6,00 m – 2-person mounting

Making available

Depending on your needs, you have the possibility to retrieve the product that corresponds to you in our warehouse located in Beaune (21), to have it delivered to your home or directly to the place of your event.

Shipping costs remain at your own expense.

All in one

Don’t you want to waste time assembling and dismantling the capitals?The AbriExpress team takes care of everything for you: deliveryassembly  and disassembly  in a simple and safe way. Take advantage of our expertise to simplify your life!

Rent your folding tent from 80€ excl tax /weekend

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To best meet your needs, please fill out the form, one of our advisors will contact you within 48 hours.

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