European leader for more than 20 years

Abriexpress is the pioneer in the field of mobile shelters. After winning the silver medal at Eureka in Brussels, the company took off in France in 1998 and quickly exported to the rest of the world thanks to products of excellence, simple to use, reliable and robust.

Since 1998

Founded in 1998 by Pascal Barrer, Abriexpress was the first company within the PB Approdiffusion group, which today has many activities to its credit.

We are regularly involved in our clients' day-to-day work in designing and monitoring their projects, providing them with a great deal of advice from our expertise.

Though a pioneer in the shelter and tent sector, Abriexpress never ceases to improve its products and processes in order to counter the Asian competition but also to meet the growing and demanding needs of our customers.

The production

The various partners and employees in Europe cover a wide area in order to be more receptive and closer to our customers. Our sewing workshops carefully prepare each shelter to offer you the best products on the market.

The tailor-made product

Dare to be tailor-made! Our company has been able to stand out thanks to its personalised and unique designs. In fact, we make partial or total impressions of your stands for you. We also offer different kinds of structures that play on the weight and strength of your shelter.

Our range of products

We offer a wide variety of tents adapted to all types of projects. Our team of experts is present at each step to advise you as best as possible.

We are concerned about the safety of our customers, which is why our products are tested and made with robust materials such as steel and aluminium.